Mitsubishi Chemical HoldingsTHE KAITEKI COMPANY

Approach to Innovation

The MCHC Group understands “innovation” to mean the provision and realization of comprehensive solutions such as new value chains and life models that did not exist previously. Moreover, we go beyond R&D of components and materials, and aim for the creation of new innovations, where we take into account wide perspectives from the manufacturing process, distribution channels, up to the proposal of new uses and applications through the following two initiatives.

Strengthening our In-house Technologies

The MCHC Group sells tens of thousands of products ranging from basic materials to consumer products, applying its proprietary technologies and expertise in each field. R&D and manufacturing departments are managed with the goal of improving the value and competitiveness of our technologies. The procurement, logistics, sales and other departments are building up know-how in their operations and driving innovation in work practices. By crossing the barriers between Group companies, we are accelerating the creation of synergies in technologies and expertise among Group companies.

Open Innovation

The R&D departments actively invest in and collaborate with the universities, public institutions, and venture companies that are working on research themes in line with the aims of the corporate activities of the MCHC Group. We are aiming to create and accelerate innovation through the synergies of the technologies and know-how that the MCHC Group and these outside organizations possess. The MCHC Group also actively participates in national projects to hasten R&D. Moreover, the MCHC Group seeks to fully apply Group technologies and expertise in production and sales in order to provide optimal products and services in a timely fashion in accordance with the needs of markets and society. We believe it is essential to vigorously collaborate with our partners possessing advanced technologies, efficient production systems and sales networks. We consequently utilize OSB*, our own business framework for rapidly developing and commercializing products and services that cannot be easily imitated by others.
*OSB (Open Shared Business) is the original framework of MCHC for working with organizations outside the Group. We promote collaboration in both R&D and business and build a distinctive value chain by using the OSB framework.
OSB: MCHC registered trademark No. 5585432