Mitsubishi Chemical HoldingsTHE KAITEKI COMPANY

Creation and Enhancement of Core Technologies

The MCHC Group engages in R&D activities, the key to driving innovation, with the aim of reinforcing our superior core technologies, and to create and acquire new ones.

Basic Policy for Research and Development

Using the foundation of the core technologies shown in the diagram, the MCHC Group’s targets for R&D are set on the themes in accordance with “Sustainability,” “Health” and “Comfort.” We are working on further strengthening our core technologies and creating new core technologies, while at the same time we promote an integrated R&D system by formulating R&D strategies that meet the needs of our business strategy and intellectual property strategy, so that we can rapidly commercialize the fruition of our R&D.

Core Technologies , Manegement strategy

R&D Management

To accelerate creating innovation , MCHC has introduced the MOT (Management of Technology) Indices to quantitatively manage our progress in the innovation process. Three indices comprise the MOT Indices: the R&D Index, the Intellectual Property Index, and the Market Index. We have used the MOT Indices on a trial basis since fiscal 2013. Based on the outcome, we are reassessing the indices while formulating the next medium-term management plan.