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CTO Message

Glenn H. Fredrickson

As we enter 2016, the MCHC Group continues to face a highly competitive business environment worldwide. To survive and flourish, we must accelerate innovation by strengthening our technology base. In addition to vigorous in-house development, we are increasingly collaborating with global universities and launching open shared business (OSB*) relationships with mature and start-up companies to source necessary technologies.
During the previous medium-term management plan APTSIS 15 period, the Group achieved significant technology milestones in advancing the next-generation growth businesses, although the launch and profitability of several of these was delayed relative to the plan. We will continue to support their technology needs in the new medium-term management plan APTSIS 20 period, along with the APTSIS 20 next-generation businesses, by fully utilizing the Group’s rich resources and promoting OSB.
The integration of MCC, MPI, and MRC in 2017 represents a particular opportunity. We will build a modern R&D organization that combines the accumulated knowledge, capabilities, and facilities from across the three companies. The foundation for the new organization will be the 12 technology platforms that were identified in last year’s core technology mapping exercise. We aim for a flexible organization that can balance the short- and long-term needs of the business units against the desire to diversify and strengthen platform technologies. The R&D organization of the new-Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation will also have a significant commitment to open innovation, building strong ties with top universities and venture-backed companies from around the world.
The APTSIS 20 plan identified five next-generation businesses that will be the focus of our innovation efforts. In Healthcare Solutions, we are looking to leverage the exciting plant-based vaccine technology of our Medicago unit. R&D within Bio Solutions includes the identification of new sustainably-sourced monomers that can be used to design high-performance polymer resins. In Gas Solutions, we seek to exploit TNSC’s broad technology base to new markets in medicine and healthcare. New Energy and Frontier Materials will develop broad new classes of hybrid materials that contain silicon and carbon components. Finally, Solutions Integrating Big Data and ICT will seek to incorporate world-class data analytics, discovery, and optimization tools into all of our activities including R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, operations, sales and services.
We are excited by the opportunities for innovation that our next-generation business targets and integrated R&D organization will provide in the APTSIS 20 period and beyond.

* OSB (Open Shared Business) is the MCHC framework for working with organizations outside the Group. We promote collaboration in both R&D and business and build a distinctive value chain by using the OSB framework.

September 2016
Glenn H. Fredrickson