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To Our Individual Investors

To Our Individual Investors

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Hitoshi Ochi,
Representative Corporate Executive Officer,
President & CEO

代表執行役社長  越智 仁
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We combined information about progress and performance in management targeting the achievement of KAITEKI and published the KAITEKI Report. The KAITEKI concept and annual report summary of results in finance, innovation and sustainability are shown in an easily understandable manner.


Latest IR Materials

Our latest financial results announcement, operating summary, APTSIS 20 current status, and KAITEKI Report can be downloaded.


  • Operating Summary of 1Q-FY2018 (Jul. 2018)
  • Financial Results Announcement of 1Q-FY2018 (Jul. 2018)
  • APTSIS20 Current Status (Nov.2017)
  • KAITEKI Report 2017 (Sep.2017)
  • Batch Downloading

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