Mitsubishi Chemical HoldingsTHE KAITEKI COMPANY


MCHC’s Aspiration

By contributing to resolving environmental and social issues, we will build a sustainable society together with stakeholders toward the realization of KAITEKI.

Toward the Realization of KAITEKI

1.Our approach to solving environmental and social issues

The human race has advanced to where it is today as a result of diverse economic activities as well as scientific and technological progress. However, we have fallen out of balance with the global environment, and are confronted by complex problems spanning from climate change to natural resource/energy depletion and an uneven distribution of food and water. While addressing these global issues, we are being asked by society to contribute to the fields of healthcare and medicine, and to explore ways to improve convenience and advance technology in coexistence with the planet. With the belief that the growth of the company cannot be attained without responding to these needs, the MCHC Group aims to achieve sustainable development through systems that recycle materials derived from natural resources, use natural energy sources, support healthcare beyond the treatment of illnesses, and solutions that satisfy diverse values.

2.Harmonious relationships with stakeholders

The MCHC Group considers its stakeholders to include all the people who support our corporate activities: our customers, shareholders and investors, communities, employees and business partners, as well as society, and even the Earth, which is the foundation of our lives. To realize sustainable development among people, society and the Earth, working in concert with our stakeholders is indispensable to win their trust. We thereby identify issues and set targets for the short, medium and long terms, and gear our corporate activities to their fulfillment through information disclosure and dialog with them. As part of such activities, MCHC declared our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact in May 2006.

3.What is KAITEKI?

KAITEKI means “a sustainable condition which is comfortable for people, society and the Earth, transcending time and generations.” It is an original concept of the MCHC Group that proposes a way forward in the sustainable development of society and the planet, in addition to serving as a guide for solving environmental and social issues. To realize this vision, the MCHC Group engages in corporate activities that provide products, technologies and services based on the comprehensive capabilities of the Group in the Performance Products Domain, Industrial Materials Domain and Health Care Domain, with chemistry as the basis of our activities.

Promotion of KAITEKI Management

The word “chemistry” has a secondary meaning, referring to the compatibilities, relationships and connections between objects, between people and between people and objects. The MCHC Group includes these meanings in the Group philosophy of Good Chemistry for Tomorrow, and working for the realization of KAITEKI promotes corporate activities to create better relationships among people, society, and our planet. Based on this philosophy, the MCHC Group has debated ”What is the Good Chemistry that the future requires?” In other words, the MCHC Group discussed what businesses it needs to develop for the future. The MCHC Group therefore set Sustainability, Health and Comfort as three decision criteria for corporate activities.
The MCHC Group decided that a different set of values and management methods were needed for it to advance corporate activities with a view to solving environmental and social issues.
As a result, we created our own management method called KAITEKI Management based on the following three management axes: Management of Economics, which aims to increase economic value by focusing on capital e¬ciency, Management of Technology, which aims to foster innovation that leads to higher economic and social value, and Management of Sustainability, which aims to enhance social value through improvements in sustainability. The MCHC Group is committed to evaluate and implement corporate activities based on the group philosophy and the decision-making criteria for corporate activities, while maintaining awareness of the major trends and opportunities of the times. In order to improve the company’s sustainability, we thereby contribute to the sustainable development of the society and the Earth, win the trust of our stakeholders and improve corporate values as well as address environmental and social issues.

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