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APTSIS 15 Fiscal 2013 to Fiscal 2015 Review

APTSIS 15 Step 2 (Fiscal 2013 to Fiscal 2015) Basic Policy

Management Indices Review

Indices Result Target Remarks
Operating income ¥280.0 billion ¥280.0 billion Achieved
ROA (income before income taxes) 4.7% 7% or above Increases in total assets and interest-bearing debt from acquisitions, as well as extraordinary losses related to restructuring
Net D/E ratio 1.1 0.8
Overseas sales ratio 43.4% 45% or above Not achieved FY 2010 37% →
FY 2015 Improved to 43%
Capital expenditures and investments ¥879.8 billion ¥840.0 billion Increase through acquisitions

Quantitative Review1
In fiscal 2015, operating income achieved medium-term target and reached new record

Quantitative Review2
Strengthened and expanded earnings foundation through business portfolio reforms

  • Expanded the Performance Products domain’s double fiscal 2010 operating income by strengthening high-performance and high-value-added businesses
  • Stabilized earnings in the materials business by reforming the petrochemical business and acquisition of TNSC


Achievements Ongoing Tasks
  • Strengthened and expanded business base through business portfolio reforms
  • Expanded overseas business through capital investment and M&As
  • Increase growth and strengthen earnings capabilities of existing businesses
  • Strengthen earning capability of overseas business
  • Achieve profitability of new energy businesses at an early stage
  • Promote Group orchestration
  • Reformed the petrochemical business
  • Promote operational efficiency and cost reduction
  • Take drastic measures in unprofitable and low-profit-margin businesses
Strengthen Base
  • Strengthened the corporate governance system
  • Introduced sustainability as a cornerstone of management
  • Establish global management structure
  • Strengthen financial position

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