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Process Safety and Disaster Prevention

Recognition of Issues and Basic Approach

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group recognizes that conducting safe manufacturing activities forms the foundation for the very existence of the company and that the Group has a corporate social responsibility to ensure safety. For this, the Group endeavors to build systems to prevent facility-related accidents and rapidly respond when such accidents occur.

Main Activities

Facility-Related Accidents

Basically, each Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group operating site endeavors to prevent facility-related accidents by ensuring the soundness of facilities and equipment and the proper operation through their appropriate maintenance as well as extensive education and training of their operators. If an accident occurs, the Group works to avoid recurrence by analyzing the cause, taking countermeasures, and verifying their effectiveness through inspections or maintenance patrols. Moreover, the Group works to prevent accidents by applying these countermeasures laterally to similar facilities and equipment or operations.

Responding Rapidly When Accidents Occur

If an accident occurs, it is important that the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group minimizes the effect on society. To do so, the Group has organized disaster prevention teams at each of its operating sites worldwide, and conducts safety drills on a daily basis. The Group has established a crisis management system to expedite the reporting of information to top management, with the view to ensuring accountability to local communities and fulfilling its responsibility to supply products.

Disclosing Information

Mindful of the importance of verifying and reporting on corporate activities from a global perspective in disclosure related to safety, the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group has disclosed information in the KAITEKI Report and on its corporate website. The Group will further enhance the reliability of its disclosure by increasing disclosure elements and heightening their precision.

Sharing Safety Information Through SDS

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group companies use Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to conduct education on the properties of products it deals with and how to handle them, and we share safety information throughout the Group. The Group is building systems to prevent sudden accidents during transit and storage by sharing information internally on the properties of particularly hazardous chemicals, their transportation routes, and other aspects of logistics.

Targets and Results

Target Achieve zero occurrences of material accidents
Result Fiscal 2013 Zero material accidents

Number of Occurrences of Material Accidents

Fiscal 2013 Zero material accidents
Fiscal 2012 Zero material accidents
Fiscal 2011 Zero material accidents
Target Reduce facility-related accidents
Result Fiscal 2013 47% reduction

Safety Accident Reduction Rate (vs. base year*)
Safety Accident Reduction Rate (vs. base year*)

*The year with the most accidents or claims from fiscal 2008, 2009, and 2010 has been taken as the base year.

Examples of Activities

Fiscal 2013

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation: Thanks to stronger coordination with business partners, large-scale periodic maintenance work at our chemical plants was completed with zero accidents

At Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation's Mizushima Plant, large-scale regular maintenance of continuously operating facilities including the ethylene plant, which is conducted once every four years, was carried out in fiscal 2013. With the aim of achieving zero accidents during maintenance work, we discussed the various themes, work procedures, rules, the 3S (Sort, Set in order, Shine), and information sharing with business partners during the nine months before the start of work, thereby establishing a task framework. As a result, we achieved zero accidents and injuries.

Safety meeting of regular maintenance work
Safety meeting of regular maintenance work

Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.: Focusing on employee training to ensure plant safety and stable plant operations

The Otake Production Center of Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. in Otake City, Hiroshima Prefecture conducts a training curriculum for each age group and proactively provides employees with opportunities to participate in external training seminars and exhibitions, with the aim of enhancing employees' technical knowledge and skills with respect to facility safety. Additionally, the Otake Production Center has created a Safety Example Database that covers case examples of safety-related successes and failures in the past. It has also established a database covering the history of its business operations, technical research reports, operating conditions and work procedures, among other topics. By sharing information and transferring technical knowledge and skills regarding facility safety, the Otake Production Center is working to ensure plant safety and stable plant operations.

Employees participating in the training curriculum
Employees participating in the training curriculum

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Factory Ltd.*: Strengthening the voluntary disaster prevention framework through regular safety drills

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Factory Ltd. is striving to strengthen its voluntary disaster prevention framework by holding regular safety drills within operating sites and participating in community firefighting tournaments and other events. The Onoda Plant in Sanyo-Onoda City, Yamaguchi Prefecture held the 2nd Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Factory Onoda Plant Firefighting Tournament in July 2013. The event saw 33 individuals in 11 teams (three people in each team) chosen from each section take part in a competition that tested skills developed in daily safety drills, such as spraying water. In addition, the Yoshitomi Plant in Yoshitomi Town, Fukuoka Prefecture participates every year in a firefighting tournament for fire defense brigades within the service area of the Keichiku Fire Department in eastern Fukuoka Prefecture. Eight employee members of the Yoshitomi Plant's fire defense organization took part in the tournament held in October 2013.

Employees of Yoshitomi Plant participate in a firefighting tournament
Employees of Yoshitomi Plant participate in a firefighting tournament
Awards Ceremony at the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Factory Onoda Plant Firefighting Tournament
Awards Ceremony at the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Factory Onoda Plant Firefighting Tournament

*Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Factory Ltd. is a group company of the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Group.