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Reducing Waste

Recognition of Issues and Basic Approach

To contribute to the formation of a recycling society, the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group aims to reduce landfill waste and achieve zero emission by recycling and reducing waste generation.

Main Activities

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group promotes recycling and reducing waste generation. Because each business emits different types of waste, we are advancing initiatives based on separate targets and achievement plans for each operating company.

Targets and Results

Result Fiscal 2013 Industrial waste generated reduced to 368 thousand tons

Industrial Waste Generated (Domestic Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group)

Industrial Waste Generated (Domestic Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group)
Result Fiscal 2013 Landfill disposal reduced to 6 thousand tons

Landfill Disposal (Domestic Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group)

Landfill Disposal (Domestic Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group)

Examples of Activities

Fiscal 2013

Shinryo Corporation*: Supporting research to establish solar panel recycling technology

The Kitakyushu Foundation for the Advancement of Industry, Science and Technology (FAIS) has set up the Solar Panel Recycling Experiment Facility under a research commission from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) in Kitakyushu City. This is Japan's first full-scale research facility set up in preparation for the disposal of massive amounts of solar panels anticipated in the future. The goal is to recycle 95% of the solar panel components by heat treating the solar panels. Shinryo Corporation, which is harnessing chemistry technologies to develop environmental recycling businesses, is tasked with the design and implementation of equipment for this recycling facility. After the equipment is installed, Shinryo Corporation will carry out facility operation, verify technical issues and conduct commercial feasibility studies, and aggregate data, with the view to putting the facility into commercial operation in the near future.

Solar panel recycling facility
Solar panel recycling facility

*Shinryo Corporation is a group company of the Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Group