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CSO Message

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC) Group has implemented Management of Sustainability (MOS) for achieving sustainable development of society and the earth as one of our core management axes. MOS currently continues to spread and resonate with people in and outside of the Company, and our corporate activities based on MOS improve our corporate value.
Looking at the global situation, while the world economy grows increasingly complex with more diverse economic centers, the direction of international resolutions on common global environmental and social problems is being discussed through the formulation of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Under these circumstances, we recognize that corporations will have an increasingly important role to play in their achievement. We have conducted a “materiality assessment” to identify anew the issues that we should address in our medium-term management plan, which went into effect in April 2016. We will promote various corporate activities with this materiality assessment as the starting point for our strategy, incorporating this awareness of the external environment and leveraging our experience in KAITEKI management.
We will continue striving to achieve both sustainable development of society and the earth and sustainable growth for the MCHC Group while communicating broadly and deeply with our stakeholders and customers.

July 2016
Managing Corporate Executive Officer
Shushichi Yoshimura