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About the MOS Indexes

When we started APTSIS 15, we similarly introduced the MOS Indexes, which are new management indexes for visualizing the degree of contribution to improving “sustainability for people, society, and the Earth” in addition to the conventional financial management indexes such as operating income and return on total capital. When we established the MOS Indexes, we surveyed and analyzed a wide range of environmental and social issues that are likely to emerge from now and into the future. At the same time, we examined whether or not our businesses could contribute to resolving these issues. Then we selected initiatives that would make a significant contribution to solving these issues through the corporate activities and could be quantified. Finally, we systematized them as management indexes for improving sustainability.

As a result of these efforts, the MOS Indexes are based on the three frameworks of “Sustainability,” “Health,” and “Comfort,” which are the decision criteria for the corporate activities of the MCHC Group, and comprise 22 indexes such as “contribution to the solution of issues related to global warming,” “response to unmet medical needs,” “reduction of environmental and safety accidents” and “improving relationships of trust with our stakeholders.” MCHC positioned the MOS Indexes as tools for showing the results of MOS. Moreover, we will utilize the indexes as a communication tool to ensure that all of our stakeholders gain a deeper understanding of our corporate activities.

MOS Indexes