ACT.2 Thorough sustainability management

Improving sustainability and strengthening the management base through five measures

Under KV30, we are working to improve environmental and social sustainability and strengthen our management base through five measures toward the realization of the society we envision for 2050.

Sustainability management

1 Evolve LCA tools
We will elevate our LCA evaluations from the current environmental impact of products to cover the entire value chain, including the impact on society.
2 Reduce environmental impact
In addition to reducing and making effective use of GHGs throughout the entire value chain, we will work to reduce our environmental impact by contributing to the sustainable supply and use of water and resource management for all of society, including our business activities.
3 Promote a circular economy
Through the development of technologies and business models for material and chemical recycling, and the provision of bio-based polymers, we will contribute to promoting a circular economy.
4 Feasibility studies of KAITEKI factories
We aim to realize an ecosystem that integrates KAITEKI factories, which provides solutions to social issues, with local communities.
5 Build a sustainability management system
We will build a sustainability management system by developing decision-making processes and management foundations in order to achieve these four measures.

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GHG emissions

26% reduction in Japan by fiscal 2030 compared to fiscal 2013
Aim to reduce emissions in line with target levels in each country and region

Building a foundation for achieving environmental impact neutrality by 2050