ACT.3 Human capital system and framework reforms

Implementing human resources systems and organizational reforms which embrace diversity, mobility, and expertise

In order to achieve reform, it is necessary to not only change goals and processes but also create a workplace in which people with diverse values and expertise can thrive. Based on this recognition, the MCHC Group will strive to reform human resources systems to make them more fully embrace diversity, mobility, and expertise. Meanwhile, highly inclusive human resources systems may result in higher mobility with strong centrifugal force. For this reason, the MCHC Group is working to strengthen engagement by associating KAITEKI with individual jobs so that each employee is aware of why they are doing their job within the MCHC Group. We will put into practice our mission both inside and outside the Company, with KAITEKI as a centripetal force.

Human resources system reforms and global management

Global trends

  • Globalization
  • Digitalization
  • Socialization

People and work styles

  • Diversity
  • Mobility
  • Expertise

Perspectives in human resources system reforms

  • Respect for
    Providing workplaces that empower self-actualization
  • Flexibility
    Human resources systems that embrace diversity, mobility, and expertise
  • Market value /
    Compensation and treatment based on employee market values and performance

Down arrow

Five pillars that form the foundation for highly accommodating human resources systems

  1. Ensuring pay for job/performance
  2. Human resources systems designed according to each type of operation/job
  3. Strengthening functions to create skills and minds that can meet global needs
  4. The right jobs for the right people globally by using a common platform of talent management
  5. Cluster-type organizations that enable complex problem solving