Medium- to long-term basic management strategy
KAITEKI Vision 30

With drastic changes in the industrial structure and business environment,
what should the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC) Group do to continue to
grow together with stakeholders?

Considering social and technological trends and backcasting
from our social vision and corporate approach for the year 2050,
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation has clearly defined
the vision and the goals of the Group for 2030 to formulate KAITEKI Vision 30 (KV30).

KV30 serves as a foundation for the next medium-term management plan.

KAITEKI Vision 30 Statement Movie

For our future, the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation Group
will bring solutions for tomorrow.

Backcasting from our vision
for 2050 to set our 2030 goals

alt:By backcasting from our vision for 2050, we formulated our 2030 goals in the form of “medium- to long-term basic management strategy KAITEKI Vision 30.” 
                The content formulated in “KAITEKI Vision 30” will be reflected in the next Medium-Term Management Plan to contribute to the resolution of issues going forward.

Overview of the KAITEKI Vision 30


  • Social visionAn optimized recycling-
    oriented society
    Sustainable well-being
  • Corporate approachIdentify new social issues
    and provide ongoing

Waves of drastic changes

  • Globalization
  • Digitalization
  • Socialization

Backcasting approach

2030KAITEKI Vision 30< Innovation & Solutions >

The Earth

  • Addressing climate change and improving resource and energy efficiency
    • Reducing GHG emissions
      • Carbon management through LCA*
      • Establishing technologies for the utilization of CO2, etc.

* Life cycle analysis (LCA): A method for quantitatively assessing the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of a product or service


  • Promoting an optimal circular economy
  • Contributing to healthy and vibrant lives
  • Resolving social issues through the reformation of business models and the utilization of digital technologies


  • Enabling fulfilling work, improving creativity and productivity
    • Personnel system that encompasses diversity, expertise, and mobility
    • Organization that accelerates growth by addressing global needs
Prospective solutionsFrom present to KV30 From KV30 to presentProjecting to the next medium-term
management plan


Environmental and social issues

  • Accelerating climate change
  • Water stress and pollution
  • Ocean plastic pollution
  • Increasing population and aging society
  • Globalization and widening disparities
  • Rise of protectionism(populism and trade wars)
  • Expansion of regional economic zones
  • Increasing medical expenses
  • Changing values resulting from the spread of infection

Trends in regulatory reinforcement

  • Paris Agreement: Zero GHG emissions early in second half of this century
  • Strengthening fuel efficiency standards in each country
  • 2030 European Circular Economy target: 75% recycling of packaging waste
  • 2018 Ocean Plastics Charter announced (G7)
  • Trend of introducing carbon taxes
  • Strengthening “soft” laws relating to human rights, etc.

Future envisioned by the MCHC Group
Implementing reform with 2030 as a waypoint

The MCHC Group aims to realize its own sustainable growth while creating a society where all of today’s social issues have been resolved by 2050 through providing solutions to social issues. The vision for 2030 in KV30 is not a final goal, but just a waypoint for reforms that we will pursue with a long-term perspective to realize the society we envision for 2050.

What will the future be like in 2050?

Data and digital technologies are used as an infrastructure, biotechnology has become well-
developed, and a society in which all current social issues have been solved.This is the society envisioned for 2050.

  • Sustainable carbon cycle, meaning we achieve
    GHG Impact Neutral
  • Resource circulation
  • Freedom from food and water scarcity
  • Healthy and vibrant lives
  • Sustainable cities
    with smart communication and energy systems
  • Diverse society


MCHC Group’s vision for 2030

Solve social issues for a sustainable future
through leadership as a global solutions provider

  • Accelerate growth and enhance corporate value by making the resolution of social issues a business opportunity
  • Establish an innovative R&D structure and keep providing solutions to social issues
  • Build infrastructure to ensure environmental impact neutrality by reinforcing sustainability management
  • Create flexible human resources systems that embrace the diversity, expertise, and mobility of its people
  • Foster digital natives who are sufficiently skilled to accelerate growth
  • Intensify our global management structure to meet regional needs and accelerate growth