Mitsubishi Chemical HoldingsTHE KAITEKI COMPANY

Message from the Top Management

Yoshimitsu Kobayashi President & Chief Executive Officer

Our society today is at a critical turning point where we face major challenges such as excessive dependency on fossil resources, climate change, uneven distribution of food and water, a greying population, and spreading infection. Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC) Group boldly challenges to find solutions to these global issues with our advantages in technical strength, and to create value that will improve the quality of people’s lives.

MCHC Group conducts its corporate activities and businesses world-wide in the domains of Performance Products, Industrial Materials, and Health Care based on the three decision-making criteria of "Sustainability", "Health", and "Comfort". We will create sustainable corporate value and be a trusted company to our stakeholders by contributing to the sustainable development of people, society, and the Earth. In doing so, we undertake thorough safety management, which is the matter of highest priority for a manufacturing industry, and keep compliance as an absolute requirement.

MCHC Group upholds our corporate brand of “THE KAITEKI COMPANY” with our determination to take the initiative to realize KAITEKI.

In the medium-term management plan “APTSIS 20,” we have identified the ideal shape of the MCHC Group in 2020 as follows: MCHC will establish the foundation to become THE KAITEKI COMPANY being recognized on a truly global level by increasing profitability, pursuing innovation, and contributing to sustainability. As a basic policy, we are aiming to be a high growth and high profit-model corporate group.

To achieve this goal, we will steadily execute measures for “growth, efficiency and strengthening foundations.” Based on strategies geared toward accelerated growth and improved profitability, in light of our focus markets, we will promote the enhancement of cost competitiveness by restructuring the business portfolio and improving our productivity while establishing an organization that can fully leverage its management resources. In addition, we are now striving to further promote health management as an important issue to reinvigorate the organization where all employees work actively.

As to remain a corporate group trusted by our stakeholders, our group will stand united and challenge aggressively, while taking action to maximize the corporate value and to realize the concept of KAITEKI. We will devote every effort to achieving that, therefore we ask for the continued support of our stakeholders.

April 2018
Hitoshi Ochi,
Representative Corporate Executive Officer,
President & CEO