Group Organization

As of Apr. 1, 2022

Diagram of organization: 'Board of Directors (Nominating Committee, Audit Committee, Compensation Committee)' is placed directly under 'General Meeting of Shareholders.' 'Office of Audit Committee' is placed directly under 'Audit Committee.' 'President & Chief Executive Officer' is placed directly under 'Board of Directors.' The following are directly placed under 'President & Chief Executive Officer': 'Corporate Executive Officers Committee,' 'KAITEKI Committee,''Corporate Strategy Division (KAITEKI Promotion Office, Corporate Planning Office, Corporate Development Office, Performance Products Strategy Office, Industrial Strategy Office, Industrial Gases Strategy Office, Healthcare Strategy Office),' 'Emerging Technology and Business Development Office,' 'Information Systems Office,' 'Production Technology Office,' 'Corporate Management Office,' 'Public Policy and Relation Office,' 'Public Relations and Investor Relations Office,' 'Corporate Secretary Office,' 'Legal Planning Office,' 'Business Legal Office,' 'Administration Office,' 'Human Resources Office,' 'Internal Control Office' and 'Internal Audit Office.' 'Health and Productivity Management Project' is placed directly under 'KAITEKI Promotion Office.'