Start of the accelerator program "The KAITEKI Challenge – Reimagining Proteins, Plastics, and Packaging"-Supporting start-up companies in the circular economy field-

November 18, 2020

Updated on April 1, 2021

 What is “KAITEKI Challenge – Reimagining Proteins, Plastics, and Packaging” 

MCHC and Greentown Labs seek novel technologies in alternative proteins, waste plastics recycling, and the prevention of food loss and waste that will promote sustainable consumption in daily life. We are excited to work together with innovative startups who enable circularity across proteins, plastics, and packaging value chains to create a sustainable future.

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 Awards and Benefits 
  • ●Partnership with MCHC
    A structured platform to perform a proof of concept (POC) project with MCHC and explore follow-on partnerships with MCHC and its operating companies. Access to leadership from MCHC that will be matched with your team to support throughout the six-month program, and potentially beyond
  • ●Support from Greentown Labs
    Access to GL's network and support, the largest climatetech incubator in North America. Mentorship, networking opportunities, and partnership-focused programming from the Greentown community of climatetech startup experts
  • ●Grant
    US $ 25,000 grant funding (without dilution)
*Additional grants will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Consideration of equity investment to deepen strategic relationship based on mutual agreement

 Program Scope 

(i) Alternative Proteins
(ii) Plastic Recycling
(iii) Food Waste Prevention

 Time Line 

Recruitment period  November 17, 2020 17:00 – February 10 February 17, 2021 (Eastern Time)
Selection period    February 11, 2021 – Early April 2021 (Eastern Time)

  • Collaboration period  April 15, 2021 – September 30, 2021 (Eastern Time)

 About MCHC Corporate Venturing 

MCHC Group established a global venture capital team in Tokyo, Japan and Silicon Valley, California to create new business opportunities across the MCHC Group through strategic partnerships with promising startups. Since the establishment in 2018, we facilitated more than 100 collaborations between startups and MCHC business units, with numerous proof-of-concept successes. We have made direct investment to the startups globally from Diamond Edge Ventures, a CVC arm of MCHC, to deepen the strategic partnership with startups.
We are committed to drive long-term corporate venture activity, and the KAITEKI Challenge is a new initiative we started as part of this journey. We continue to offer strong and sustainable support to the success of our startup partners.

 About Greentown Labs 

As the largest climatetech startup incubator in North America, Greentown Labs brings together startups, corporates, investors, policymakers, and many others with a focus on scaling climate solutions. Driven by the mission of providing ground-breaking startups the resources, knowledge, connections, and equipment they need to thrive, Greentown Labs offers prototyping and wet lab space, shared office space, a machine shop, an electronics lab, software and business resources, a large network of corporate customers and investors, and more. Greentown Labs is home to more than 100 startups and has supported nearly 300 startups since the incubator’s founding in 2011. These startups have collectively created more than 6,500 direct jobs and have raised more than $1 billion in funding. Greentown’s second-ever location will open in Houston, TX, in spring 2021. For more information, please visit or Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.