On the current situation in Russia and Ukraine【Updated from 3/18 announcement】

March 30, 2022

Updated on March 30, 2022

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings is deeply concerned about the current situation in Russia and Ukraine and sincerely hopes that the situation will be resolved peacefully as soon as possible.
We have set up an emergency committee to monitor the implementation of the various sanctions against the Russian Federation decided by the international community, and have resolved to suspend, in principle, the Group's sales and marketing activities in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. We will also take appropriate measures on procurement of raw materials, for example by promoting procurement from alternative sources.

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group has also decided to donate EUR 1 million to an international organization (planned to be UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency) as humanitarian aid to those affected in Ukraine and those displaced in the surrounding areas.
Close monitoring by the committee will continue in the future and appropriate measures will be considered and implemented as the situation changes.