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Message from the CIO

We will strengthen our innovation capability by introducing new perspectives, embracing risk, and deepening our global connections.

One year ago, the Emerging Technology and Business Development Office (ETBDO) was established to expand the innovation strength of MCHC Group. Recognizing that each Operating Company must focus on its own growth, we add value to the overall Group portfolio in three main ways. First, we develop new opportunities for expansion beyond the trajectory of our current businesses. Second, we introduce new platform capabilities that enhance growth across multiple business units. Third, we ensure MCHC Group maintains a global focus by promoting new technologies, business models, and methods from beyond Japan.

Our digital transformation strategy rests on two key elements. Initial efforts focus on improving operational excellence across MCHC Group, deploying advanced digital technologies to leverage the wealth of data resident in our Operating Companies. We are already generating positive results in diverse areas, including knowledge inheritance, prediction of process anomalies, and quality control. Building on these initial successes, we will develop new business models to transform our current businesses for the digital age.

To increase our exposure to the global flow of ideas, we launched a new Corporate Venture Capital fund and U.S. subsidiary, Diamond Edge Ventures, Inc. Our new U.S. office and experienced Silicon Valley-based team will drive collaboration with and investment in select startup companies. This will provide an essential element of business strategy to complement our existing R&D and M&A activities. We aim primarily to exploit disruptive innovation to create new growth pillars for MCHC Group, but the insights gained will also support the efforts of our Group Companies to expand their business. With the autonomy and agility to move “at startup speed”, we are creating a new platform capability for MCHC Group.

We are also taking a market-focused approach, probing new ecosystems that emerge from societal and technological shifts. All our efforts reflect strong collaborations with business planning, R&D, and operating teams throughout MCHC Group.

Beyond MCHC Group, I am honored to serve as the first-ever foreign Executive Committee Member of the Council on Competitiveness Nippon (COCN). I also direct MCHC’s participation as an early-stage partner of the World Economic Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Through such interactions, we continually broaden our horizons and drive innovation across MCHC Group.

Extending the Innovation Capabilities of the MCHC Group

Larry Meixner
Managing Corporate Executive Officer
Chief Innovation Officer