Value Creation Model—KAITEKI Management

Create New Value Starting with Social Issues Executing KAITEKI Management

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC) Group is implementing KAITEKI Management to realize the society we envision looking at the future. We strive to promote our value creation cycle, which starts with our attention to environmental and social issues in line with our mission and value, while taking into account the rapidly changing global environment and stakeholders’ requirements. This model enables us to maintain sustainable growth while contributing to the sustainable development of the global environment and society.

  • Social trends
  • Environmental
    social issues

Management foundation and source of competitiveness

Natural capitalSustainability management to reduce environmental impact

Human capitalDiverse human resources to support value creation

Manufactured capitalGlobal network to achieve diverse solutions

Social and relationship capitalTrust relationships and collaboration with stakeholders

Intellectual capitalKnowledge and technology driving business model reform

Financial capitalRobust financial position


We create innovative solutions globally based on our core values of Sustainability, Health and Comfort, striving for the well-being of people, society and our planet Earth.

Business portfolio transformation

  • Growth potential
  • Technological innovation
  • Market size

KAITEKI Management

Providing solutions and improving profitability starting with environmental and social issues

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Strengthening the management foundation

  • EResolution of environmental issues
  • SResolution of social issues
  • GCorporate governance

Creation, growth, and advancement of business

  • Performance Products
  • Industrial Materials
  • Health


Achieving a balance between
economic value and
social value

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Realizing KAITEKI

Contribute to an optimized recycling-oriented society and sustainable well-being


We call the value created from the three kinds of management “KAITEKI value.” We believe that enhancing KAITEKI Value will lead to the realization of KAITEKI.

Diagram: Vectors along three axes with a common starting point on Earth.  MOS (Management of Sustainability) Sustainability Axis, MOE (Management of Economics) Capital Efficiency Axis, MOT (Management of Technology) Innovation Axis Time vector in the form of signs of the times also originates from the same starting point. Driving force generated by the three axes (MOS, MOE, MOT) and signs of the times give rise to the KAITEKI Value vector.

Management of Sustainability (MOS)

Sustainability axis

Management aiming to improve sustainability. Contributing to the resolution of a variety of environmental and social issues through corporate activities that consider the future of people, society and the Earth.

Management of Technology (MOT)

Innovation axis

Management which strives to create innovations for society. Creating innovative products and services through the differentiation of technology that we possess.

Management of Economics (MOE)

Capital efficiency axis

Management which focuses on capital efficiency. Pursuing profits by efficiently using various forms of capital, including human resources, assets and funds.


Taking into consideration signs of the times