Product Details

Product Name Methyl Methacrylate
Generic Product Name Methyl Methacrylate
Company Name Mitsubishi Chemical Methacrylates Japan Co., Ltd.
Department Name Asia Pacific Division Methacrylates 2
TEL +81-3-6748-7504
Product Information

Product Family (middle & small classification)

middle classification small classification
Specialty Chemicals Polymerizable Monomers (excluded items: Thermosetting and Photocurable Monomers)
Paints: Materials and Intermediates
Coating Agents: Materials and Intermediates
Adhesives: Materials and Intermediates
Resin Modifying Agents(excluded items: Plasticizer)
Electronic and Electrical Components and Products Electronics Materials and Components
Materials, Components and Apparatus for Lighting
Other Related Products for Electric and Electronic Devices
Film and Sheet Products, and Synthetic Paper Other Film and Sheet Products
Equipments, Instruments and Systems Housing and Commercial Facilities Use
Materials and Products for Industrial Use Automobile and Aircraft Use
Electric and Electronic Use, and Machine Use
Construction Materials Interior and Exterior Materials
Basic Chemicals Industrial Chemicals
Acrylic Acid and Acrylic Acid Derivatives
Synthetic Resins Acrylic Resin and Acrylic Molding Materials


Industrial chemicals