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CSO Message

Leveraging 10 years of KAITEKI Management, we will orchestrate the challenges of each individual with the advancement of MOS to achieve further growth and maximization of KAITEKI Value.

The concept of KAITEKI, which symbolizes the MCHC Group, was born in 2007 out of a desire to make an essential contribution to a better future for people, society and the Earth. The MCHC Group has defined its corporate value as identifying issues to be addressed for future society and delivering solutions continually. We have performed our corporate activities based upon this KAITEKI Value for the last 10 years. Now that internal understanding and empathy for Management of Sustainability (MOS) has been enhanced and a firm basis for promoting MOS has been established, it is possible to conduct corporate activities aimed at maximizing KAITEKI Value. We feel that we have gained an understanding and appreciation for our initiatives from our stakeholders.
In recent years, awareness of various environmental and social problems has increased. The idea that countries across the planet will join forces to solve those issues is becoming more widespread, as illustrated by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Expectations of businesses are mounting accordingly.
To ensure that the MCHC Group promotes initiatives designed to solve environmental and social issues as a responsible corporate citizen, we newly identified material issues under our current medium-term management plan APTSIS 20 and set new MOS Indices which reflect materiality. In fiscal 2016, which was the first fiscal year under the medium-term management plan, we reviewed the definition and operation of the KAITEKI Promotion Committee, the Group’s highest-level body related to KAITEKI, and established the structure for maximizing corporate value from a non-financial viewpoint, aiming to further enhance MOS.

In Japan, where the majority of employees of the MCHC Group work, individual workstyles are being reassessed amid the inevitable trends of globalization, diffusion of IT/AI, declining fertility rates and population aging. As uncertainty about the future increases, it becomes more important for each individual employee to take on more challenges through their duties and to cooperate with each other to tackle social issues, resulting in promotion of MOS and enhancement of KAITEKI Value. We believe that respecting diversity and supporting the health and workstyles of each individual will drive the growth of the MCHC Group and lead to the creation of social value. Previously, as part of MOS, we have championed workstyle-related initiatives in areas such as work-life balance and promotion of diversity. From fiscal 2017, KAITEKI Health and Productivity Management has started in earnest to further push ahead with workstyle reform. We hope that we can rely on your unwavering support for the MCHC Group as it continues to rise to the challenge of creating KAITEKI Value.

Sep 2017
Shushichi Yoshimura