Sustainability (MOS) results

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) Group has embraced Management of Sustainability (MOS), our unique approach designed to enhance sustainability, thereby maintaining and improving our performance to improve the sustainability of people, society, and the Earth for realizing KAITEKI. Report on progress status and past results in each fiscal year.

Progress of the MOS Indices

In FY2019, our activities resulted in an annual target achievement rate of 86%, earning 164 points. We are intensifying our efforts to improve stainability.

Progress of MOS Indices: Relative to the FY2020 targets for S, H and C Indices set at 100 points each, FY2019 results were 68 points for S Indices, 43 points for H Indices and 53 points for C Indices, totaling 164 points.

Outline of S Indices

The contribution to the reduction of environmental impact through products and services was not achieved due to a decrease in sales and demand for related products. Despite an increase in the environmental burden caused by the acquisition of a major business, we have made steady progress in reducing the environmental impact of production through energy-saving and production efficiency improvements. We will achieve environmental impact neutrality through the five measures of sustainability management under the KAITEKI Vision 30 (KV30).

Outline of H Indices

The contribution to achieving healthy and hygienic lives through products and services was not achieved due to a decrease in sales for related products. Meanwhile. A positive contribution was made to the prevention of diseases, as sales of related products grew steadily.

Outline of C Indices

The target for comfort value provision was not achieved as related products did not expand on the scale envisioned. The awareness of compliance among employees has improved over the years through a variety of training programs. Although the number of safety-related incidents has improved compared to the previous year (down 3), accidents continue to occur. We are working to strengthen our management base by implementing accident prevention measures that utilize the latest technologies, sharing information on accidents, and developing human resources who are responsible for safety at work sites. Regarding employee wellness, long working hours are on the rise. We are working to improve work-life balance through work style reforms and raising awareness of how to achieve results in a limited amount of time.

Results of the MOS Indexes