CSR procurement efforts

Basic Approach

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group will fulfill its social responsibility while solving the issues one by one also in terms of procurement and purchasing, in view of its supply chain as a whole. In accordance with the basic policy in the MCHC Group Charter of Corporate Behavior stated below, we have compiled the items as well as the Guidebook of “Developing Cooperative Business Practices with Suppliers and Business Partners.” With the basic understanding that all of our suppliers and business partners are our partners in business execution, we will seek to realize a sustainable society together with our suppliers and business partners while maintaining a relationship with them based on mutual trust.

The MCHC Group Charter of Corporate Behavior
Shared Standards (extract)

We shall expect our suppliers and other business partners to share all the standards set out in this charter, including but not limited to standards relating to human rights, employment, and labor.

In the MCHC Group, operating companies will engage in initiatives to rectify various issues (e.g., human rights, labor, environment) based on their respective purchasing policies/CSR procurement policies. To promote these initiatives, the MCHC Group has incorporated green procurement/CSR procurement fulfillment rate into its MOS Indices, which have been implemented since FY2010.

For green procurement, each operating company conducts surveys on toxic substances contained in purchased items of raw materials, having established a green procurement survey system on its own initiative. In terms of the MOS Index, the MCHC Group has set its FY2015 target fulfillment rate at 80%, and is taking every possible measure to ensure safety by exclusively using raw materials that meet quality standards with respect to all purchased raw materials.

For CSR procurement, the MCHC Group has set its FY2015 target CSR procurement fulfillment rate at 90% in terms of the MOS Index. Since FY2008, the suppliers and business partners of each operating company have cooperated in responding to a CSR questionnaire survey and have continually been encouraged to realize CSR procurement. Going forward, the MCHC Group intends to provide feedback on the results of such survey to suppliers and business partners as they become available, and visit the sites of those that meet its criteria so as to build a stronger relationship based on trust through dialogue.

The MCHC Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

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